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Frameworks, Technologies and Digital Solutions for Building the European Health Data Spaces: two EU Horizon Europe projects are joining forces and strengthening synergies

The Coordinators of the Better AI Health project aiming to build a real-world health-data distributed analytics research platform with the goal to promote a federated learning framework for decentralised AI for real-world health data, and the VELES Smart Health Excellence Hub that has as mission to transform the Smart Health landscape in South-East Europe by pioneering the European Health Data Space and building the first Regional Smart Health Data Space started a cordial and constructive dialogue.

The aim is to find commonalities and areas needing intervention and support that can improve not only the quality of the work within each of the two consortia, but can also increase the outreach and impact of the two projects.
Dr. Irena Pavlova, Coordinator of VELES (grant agreement No 101087483) and Dr. Matteo Bregonzio, PhD, Coordinator of Better AI Health ( grant agreement No 101136262), with the support of Dr. Adamantios Koumpis of the University Hospital Cologne that is partner of Better AI Health, have converged to a flexible format that will enable effective clustering activities between the two projects to take place over the next years of projects’ implementation.

“We do not want to over promise at all – and given the fact that our clustering is voluntary, we prefer to start with small, but very targeted steps” said Irena Pavlova. Matteo Bregonzio explains that “a collaborative effort in communication and dissemination can only amplify the reach and broadcast our missions to a larger public. Furthermore, cross-validation of ideas and methodologies will be very valuable to assess how to deploy federated healthcare use cases at scale as foreseen by the European Health Data Space agenda”. Irena concludes that “it is only if we see how to join efforts that we shall achieve something bigger. And joining efforts starts from developing a mutual understanding”.
The consortiums shall start a series of Webinars that will be structured and informed by the research agendas of the two projects and address not only the researchers of the participating institutions but a wider audience of interested parties.

Dr. Irena Pavlova is with the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, which is the largest university in Bulgaria, through its Centre of Excellence in Big Data GATE Institute. Dr. Matteo Bregonzio, PhD is CTO of Datrix | Embrace the AI Challenge, Italy leading a group of deeptech companies bringing hashtag
#AI to vertical markets. Dr. Adamantios Koumpis is Research and Teaching Officer at the Institute of Biomedical Informatics at the University Hospital Cologne and the Medical Faculty at the University of Cologne.


First meeting with the BETTER project was a success!

First meeting with the BETTER project was a success!

The Grand Hotel Bristol, and the landscape around the city of Stresa, Italy, was a beautiful backdrop for our first meeting in the innovative BETTER project. To grow innovation you need diversity, and what is more diverse than a collaboration of people across both international borders as well as across fields of expertises? It doesn’t get more diverse than the impressive group of bright, ambitious, and determined minds working together in BETTER!

Online meetings are great for working internationally, but nothing beats the good old-fashioned face-to-face meeting. So many conversations and ideas happen during the coffee break or on the walk to the dinner restaurant after the scheduled program of the day. Face-to-face meetings make online meetings easier afterwards, because we now know each other a little better.

Some of us have met before in other projects, however, most of us were introduced for the very first time in Stresa. During the meeting we presented our progress in each work package and use case so far, and discussing the next steps. With new inspiration and motivation in our minds, we all go home and continue our work.

We are looking forward to see what we can accomplish together in the next three years!

BETTER at Stresa

And we're off!

🧬 And we’re off! 🧠

This morning we had our kick-off meeting to get started on the BETTER project. We are looking forward to working closely together across both multiple sectors and multiple country borders!

Stay tuned for project updates - let’s make healthcare BETTER! 🧬🩺

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